From a small envelope or package to a full vanload, Courier Express is committed to offering superior levels of essential service with the most flexible options for your time-sensitive same-day deliveries.

Our dedicated offerings to you

Same Day Delivery

Rachlin Logistics Express Same Day Delivery Services is the perfect choice for time-bound shipments intended for either pick-up or delivery. As the standard for logistics in United Kingdom, our same day courier service is fast, reliable and easy to use.

Next Day Delivery

Our Next Day Delivery service isn't just swift but also affordable. Efficient express delivery will gain more clients trust for your business and improve your brand appeal. This service is perfect for SMEs looking to satisfy their clients and gain a competitive edge.

Cash On Delivery

The Cash on Delivery Service guarantees secure payment for your goods from customers who prefer physical inspection of items upon delivery before payment. Increase patronage for your brand with this service, latching on the absolute convenience it offers your clients. Simply indicate an option for electronic payment as well Cash on Delivery on your online store.

Reverse Logistics Service

Reverse Logistics manages items that are returned to or within Lagos; either as rejected or not picked up by your customers/other Third Party. We offer three (3) free delivery attempts, after which charges will be made on subsequent attempts, based on the delivery zone.

Last-Mile Delivery

When it comes to going the literal last mile to deliver that package, our Last Mile delivery solution has got you covered. Thanks to our extensive network, we can help you reach clients and suppliers in the most rural and difficult to access locations where most delivery companies in United Kingdom refuse to go.

Office Collection Service

Our Hold for Collection Service means that your clients don't have to wait at home to receive their parcels nor will they ever miss any delivery. This on-demand service means we can deliver your parcel for pick up at a Rachlin Logistics express office in your selected destination and notify you immediately of its arrival.


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