It is our firm belief that there is more to procurement than just cost. With the right suppliers, we aspire to build sustainable and value creating relationships, offering business opportunities with SWISSDARL FREIGHT & LOGISTICS and ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership for the products and services we buy. We are always interested in hearing from potential new suppliers and buyers. If you are interested in working with SWISSDARL FREIGHT & LOGISTICS, please use this opportunity to learn more about how we carry out procurement.


One of the most challenging task for individuals and businesses especially from African countries is sourcing & paying for goods & services purchased from around the globe. Some Foreign businesses find it hard to deal with African companies directly due to their inability to differentiate genuine business proposals from some African countries, some African businesses on their part have also lost huge amount of money to fraudulent global companies. SWISSDARL provides the much needed solution in payment of goods and services thereby giving both parties peace of mind. Clients can now entrust that procurement responsibility to us and utilize their time in other business commitments.


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